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Fulton School Board Meeting Recognitions: May 16, 2019

NOTE - The Fulton County Board of Education is proud to recognize the achievements of FCS schools, students, and staff at our monthly meetings. A portion of the remarks from a recent board meeting have been transcribed here. 

Cliff Jones, Chief Academic Officer: Good Evening President Bryant, Members of the Board, and Dr. Loe. Tonight, we are pleased to acknowledge award winners from our Career Technical Student Organizations.


Sandtown Middle School Flight Challenge Winners 

For years now, CTSOs such as Technology Student Association (TSA) and Career Technical Instruction (CTI), among others, have played an integral role in preparing students to become college and career-ready members of society.

The winners tonight have won first place awards in state competitions.

Principals and organization sponsors, please feel free to join the students for the photo opportunity after the certificate presentation.

We begin with students representing TSA. Under the direction of Sandtown Middle School Engineering Teacher and TSA Robotics Coach Marcia Green, five students participated in the G3 Drones for Good STEM competition for students in sixth through eighth grade. Middle school students work with their coaches and mentors to develop an innovative, drone-based solution to a problem in their community, state, or the world. They build and fly their own K'Nex-based drones. Students developed research and worked on problem-solving and communication skills while designing, building, and flying their drones, implementing the engineering design process. 

This year’s challenge consisted of three components: the Flight Challenge called “The Game;” the Problem-solving Challenge or “The Project;” and the UAV (or “Unmanned Airborne Vehicle”) Design Challenge.

The Sandtown Middle School team exemplified excellence again this year winning first place in Technical Skills in the Flight Challenge category with the highest rank.

Will the following students come forward:

  • Ahmad Akinloyee
  • Mikel Breathett
  • Christian Elahee
  • Jayden Foster
  • Solace Davis

Sandtown Students 



Tri-Cities CTI Club  

And now to our CTI program. Georgia CTI supports exceptional students enrolled in Career, Technical and Agricultural Education classes to help to build life skills for the workplace after high school. One Tri-Cities High school student served as the spokesperson for the CTI club’s end-of-year Impact Project which was entered into the state CTI Spring Leadership Conference competition.

The Community/Civic Awareness Project is designed to promote teamwork among students working toward a common goal. Under the guidance of CTI teachers Glenda Grate and Angel Davis, Tri-Cities CTI Club members who participate in the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy, sponsored a game night in appreciation of the Jefferson Park Community residents.

  • Would Matthew Johnson please come forward

Matthew held an important role in facilitating the event and later presented at the leader academy. The project won first place at the state conference.

Congratulations, great job!

Matthew Johnson


Thank you, this concludes our recognitions.