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Operation Stop Arm: Know the Law; Obey the Law

Each day, Fulton County school buses transport our students to over 100 schools while traveling over 50,000 miles on every major thoroughfare going through Fulton County. Our mission is to deliver students safely to their destinations on-time and in a frame of mind ready to learn. Until recently Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law a bill that will hopefully increase safety for all school bus riders. Previously, the Georgia law did not require drivers to stop for a school bus with its stop arm out if there was a turn lane between the bus and oncoming traffic. The newly amended law now requires drivers to stop in all cases EXCEPT when there is a physical barrier dividing the road like a grass or concrete median. (See the poster below). We encourage all drivers to obey the stop arm and to always be on the look out for children who are being picked up and dropped off at bus stops. There lives depend on you.  


Operation Stop Arm Poster