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Fulton School Board Meeting Recognitions: January 8, 2019

NOTE - The Fulton County Board of Education is proud to recognize the achievements of FCS schools, students, and staff at our monthly meetings. A portion of the remarks have been transcribed here.


Cliff Jones: Good Evening President Bryant, Members of the Board, and Dr. Loe. We have several students and staff members we are recognizing tonight. We will begin with Amana Academy, one of our charter schools.


Amana Academy – Expeditionary Learner Education Credential

In November of 2018, Amana Academy received their Expeditionary Learner, or “EL”, Education Credential, at the EL Education’s national conference in Philadelphia. This credential is a national honor recognizing schools that have attained remarkable achievement outcomes with all students in the mastery of knowledge and skills, culture and character, and high-quality work. Would Cherisse Campbell, Ehab Jaleel and Andrea Cooper-Gatewood please come forward?

Due to the hard work of Principal Campbell, Charter School Executive Director Mr. Jaleel and Charter School Coordinator Ms. Cooper-Gatewood, Amana is one of seven schools across the nation to receive this honor this year. Since its founding in 2005, Amana Academy has been implementing the EL Education model, and this award represents a multi-year effort.


Amana Academy Board Recognition
L-R: FCS Interim Superintendent Dr. Cindy Loe, Board Member Katha Stuart, Amana Academy Principal Cherisse Campbell, Executive Director Ehab Jaleel, Assistant Principal Najla Abdul-Khalik, Board Chair Kristina Eisenhardt Leidner, Instructional Guide Deirdre Kinoshita,  Board Members Katie Reeves and Linda McCain and FCS Charter School Coordinator Andrea Cooper Gatewood.


Ridgeview Charter School – Georgia Lightouse School to Watch

Our next honor goes to Ridgeview Charter School, which was recently named a Georgia Lighthouse School to Watch. This prestigious designation has been given to an elite group of just two dozen schools across the state by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform as an exemplar of excellence in middle schools. Would Opie Blackwell, Vicki Bulluck, Kathleen McCaffrey and Kenneth Young please come forward?

For this award, Principal Blackwell, his three assistant principals and numerous other staff worked in tandem to complete a lengthy application and evaluation process. They hosted an evaluating committee for three days of observations and interviews with administration, staff and stakeholders.

Ridgeview leaders will travel to Washington D.C. in the spring to officially be presented with their new title.

Congratulations to Ridgeview, Georgia Lighthouse School to Watch!

 Ridgeview Board Recognition

L-R: Dr. Cindy Loe, RCS Principal Opie Blackwell, Assistant Principal Kenneth Young, Assistant Principal Dr. Kathleen McCaffrey, Assistant Principal Vickie Bulluck and Board Vice President Julia Bernath


Milton High School Football State Champions

Last but not least – yet certainly the largest – we will honor the Milton High School football team for their amazing win, capturing the Georgia High School Association’s Division 7A State Championship title. Normally, we showcase our students first, but since we have such a large number of student honorees for our next award, we’ve saved the big group for our final recognition. Would Milton High School Head Coach Adam Clack and his Coaching Staff please come forward?

Under the direction of Milton’s coaching staff, the Eagles faced off in December in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium against the undefeated, number two, nationally-ranked powerhouse Colquitt County High School team, and clinched the title with a score of 14-13. This is the first Milton High School Eagles state championship victory in the history of the team. They were the first team not from south Georgia or Gwinnett County to win the state’s highest classification since 1995.

We will now call the team members one by one for a group photo with the coaches and board. Though undoubtedly our board would love to shake hands with each team member, we ask that, in the interest of time and space, board members please come to the front, flanking the coaches. This will allow the team to create rows starting in the back behind the board table.

  • Tyreek Rock
  • Dylan Leonard
  • Micah White
  • Syaire Waters
  • Jordan Davis
  • Josh Edwards
  • Jack Rhodes
  • Jordan Cox
  • Allen Walker
  • Jose Sandoval
  • Uriah Mellem
  • Jordan Yates
  • Charlie Keeney
  • Amari Martinez
  • Holden Shaw
  • Miller Connell
  • Jackson Weaver
  • Caron Anderson
  • Garrett Smalley
  • Nasier Currie
  • Ricky Haviland
  • Will Stax
  • Jackson Slaton
  • Jake Walter
  • Bennett Spooner
  • Holden Canouse
  • Joseph Charleston
  • Elliot Meyer
  • Christian Armistead
  • Tyrue Smith, Jr.
  • Ahmad Junearick
  • Brandon Albright
  • Hayden Hairston
  • Matt Sliger
  • Troy Artis
  • Matthew Evert
  • Brandon Swords
  • Zack Tumminia
  • Sam Colvin
  • Daniel Black
  • Dervon Ffrench
  • Zander Barnett
  • Marcos Rangel
  • Stephen Michaels
  • Mason Bicknell
  • Connor Gay
  • Anthony Minella
  • Cameron Dye
  • Brendan Doyle
  • Jonathan Pittman
  • Jack Phillips
  • Paul Tchio
  • Alvin Johnson
  • Jose Rangel
  • Marius Owens
  • Aleks Michailovs
  • Alec Hutchinson
  • Cody Wong
  • Will Mulligan
  • Will Bentley
  • Max Woodcock
  • Max St. Vrain
  • Benji Sandoval
  • Elijah Mellem
  • Blake Zettler
  • Jack Nickel
  • Dayne Edwards
  • Sean Sturrock
  • Trey Harding


Congratulations on this historic win!

Milton High School Football Board Recognition

L-R: Front row: Board Member Katie Reeves, Board Vice President Julie Bernath and Board Member Katha Stuart, Milton Coach Steven Stromie, Head Coach Adam Clack, Coach Phillip Connell, Board President Linda Bryant, Board Members Kimberly Dove and Linda McCain, and Dr. Cindy Loe. In back: Milton High School football team and Milton Principal Brian Jones and Milton Athletic Director Gary Sylvestri.


This concludes our recognitions.