• Atlas


    In January 2022, Atlas will launch to all staff across the District. Atlas, which will replace SAP, is an integrated, enterprise-wide business solution that connects technology, processes, and people to provide FCS the ability to effectively organize and conduct the day-to-day business transactions of the district. The overall objective of any business system is to improve the interdependent systems and processes to drive the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Our mission for Atlas is threefold:


    Atlas Mountain Icon

    The purpose is to...
    ensure systemic processes that are easy to use, transparent, and create awareness of how we work across departments.


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    We have achieved
    our purpose when...

    we have clearly articulated processes and meaningful data that continues to evolve and meet future business and word needs.


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    We deliver on our purpose
    by ensuring that our people...

    are empowered to provide support to our schools. staff. and community while effectively leveraging integrated processes.

An Introduction to Atlas

Atlas Time Management