Fiscal Responsibility


    Funding to Schools   |   Budget Management   |   Transparent and Efficient Management of Local Funds


    Fiscal Responsibility outcomes and specific targets were established through facilitated conversation and review of district historical performance, benchmark performance of similar districts, and analysis of what is ambitious yet achievable.

    While Fulton County Schools has operated from a strong fiscal position for several years, our current budget process can continue to be more effective and efficient by aligning our resources to the instructional priorities outlined in our Strategic Plan 2022. We want to ensure that FCS incorporates industry best practices to meet state, national, and international standards. We also want to provide more opportunities for engagement of stakeholders in the budget process, increase timely decision making, evaluate program and resource needs, and provide relevant and reliable long-term forecasting of revenue and expenditures. This initiative will focus on incorporatiing these opportunities to make our budgeting process even stronger.



    Funding to schools: Maintain 75% of the overall budget going directly to schools

    • Rationale: Schools should have majority of the funds cause that is where instruction happens, important to keep the majority flowing directly to them.

    Budget management: Review and report the amount we budget to bring in & spend vs. what we actually brought in / spent

    • Rationale: We don’t want to overspend or overbudget, we need to make sure we are accurate as possible for what we think we will do – keep the difference small so we can predict what we actually need.

    Transparent and efficient management of local funds: Reduce the number of negative findings schools receive for their use of funds

    • Rationale: To make sure the schools are using their funds appropriately, we aren’t misusing funds. Keep the number low.



    Effective Budgeting

    • Improve our current budget process to be even more effective and efficient than it already is, by aligning resource to the instructional priorities outlined in our Strategic Plan 2022, incorporating industry best practices, and providing more opportunities for engagement of stakeholders in the budget process.

    Competitive Salary

    • We know the importance of good talent, and that FCS competes for talent among other districts in the metro region. This initiative will investigate and develop a long-term approach to salary and compensation to remain regionally competitive.



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