Community Collaboration


    Partnerships   |   School Governance   |   Family Engagement


    Community Collaboration outcomes and specific targets were established through facilitated conversation and review of district historical performance, benchmark performance of similar districts, and analysis of what is ambitious yet achievable.



    Partnerships: Increase the percentage of schools with partnerships that are working to achieve the goals of their school strategic plan

    • Rationale: Strong partnerships help with success of school initiatives and therefore student achievement. Making sure they are aligned to outcomes of plan will be sure we are leveraging these partnerships.

    School governance: Increase the percentage of school governance councils that meet the Standards of Effectiveness

    • Rationale: Effective SGCs mean we are successfully implementing the charter system's district plan and the local school's strategic plan, involving community partners in the work of governance, and operating with clarity, culture, and communication.

    Family access to resources: Increase the percentage of families who report they have access to the resources they need to support their student’s success

    • Rationale: Families are critical to success of SP2022, if they have access to resources they can support student to succeed



    Community Champions

    • Better collaboration with the community is critical for us to be able to tell our story, support our schools, and prepare our students for their chosen paths. This initiative will work to create consistency and clarity on how best to engage the community, and build champions who support the achievement of the outcomes in our district and school strategic plans.

    Shared Governance and Ownership

    • We know SGCs are critical to our success, as they serve as a representative of the community and a primary connection point between the school and the community. This initiative will provide the support and resources to define effectiveness and support councils to be increasingly effective throughout the district.



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