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    Student Achievement outcomes and specific targets were established through facilitated conversation and review of district historical performance, benchmark performance of similar districts, and analysis of what is ambitious yet achievable.



    3rd Grade Literacy (increased percentage of 3rd graders reading at or above grade level)

    • During the primary years (K-2), students are learning to read. By third grade, students are expected to read to learn. Due to this expectation, Fulton County Schools published a student achievement outcome around 3rd grade literacy with the goal being to increase the percentage of students reading at or above grade level. This outcome does not exclude the other grades. The strategic plan initiatives will take place over a 5-year span. Grades K-2 helps 3rd grade to reach this goal through effective teacher practice where a Balanced Literacy Framework is implemented that includes the critical component Phonics/Phonemic Awareness. Fourth and Fifth grade is included in the outcome because how students perform in reading in 3rd grade impacts how they will perform in subsequent grades.

    Middle School Proficiency (increased percentage on IOWA for 8th graders)

    • The rationale for this is a desire to use a nationally normed test (IOWA) to see our performance compared to other students across the country, rather than just within GA. The pick of 8th grade is to ensure there are metrics across the student lifespan. 3rd grade literacy and HS metrics are in place, so a middle school metric has to be determined. This metric is actually reported for all four key subject areas, so it also provides information on all subjects so concerns may be addressed as needed.

    On Track for Graduation (increased percentage of 10th graders meeting the college readiness benchmark for PSAT

    • The rationale for PSAT is to have something that can be compared nationally. The selection of 10th grade is intentional to build in time to make adjustments/have impact on students before it is too late (if we waited until 11th to track progress we only have a year left with that group of students). Also, PSAT sets college readiness benchmarks for students based on data that indicates readiness for college-level courses. There is some research base for the indicator and its impact on our ultimate goal of having students pursue their path of choice.


    Student Focused Learning

    • Our district serves a diverse set of students with varying strengths, challenges, interests and experiences. This initiative will provide strong, personalized instruction and programs that provide support and opportunities to meet all students needs and make sure they are prepared for success in their chosen paths.

    Strategic School Support Model

    • We will leverage the flexibility provided through our charter district through this initiative by providing support, resources, flexibility and accountability to schools in a way that best meets individual and community needs.



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