Attendance Policy

  • Regular attendance is essential to the learning process. Students who are absent from school miss a variety of educational experiences shared with their peers. The Campus Parent & Student Center (on Infinite Campus) is an effective resource for following the attendance record of students. Excessive absences can prevent a student from receiving a Georgia Driver’s License.

    Students are required to provide an emailed excuse from their parent/legal guardian within three days stating the reason for the absence. Excessive absences and/or tardies will be referred to the administration for follow-up. Please notify your child’s teacher if your child has an extended illness.

    • An excused absence is considered to be one of the following: personal illness, serious illness, illness or death in the immediate family, recognized religious holidays, court mandates, and other conditions rendering school attendance impossible or hazardous to a students’ health or safety.
    • An approved absence should be pre-arranged through written emailed request to the schoolhouse Assistant Principal prior to the absence. Approved, pre-arranged absences shall be permitted for a travel opportunity with educational benefits, a graduation, or wedding of a close family members, a specialized educational experience, or an event mutually agreed to by the parent or Administrator. Approved absences are limited to six per year.
    • An unexcused absence is an absence from school or class for any reason other than those listed above. Students serving as pages in the Georgia General Assembly shall be recorded as present.

    Make-up Work: Students will have the opportunity to complete their work asynchronously in Canvas and review Microsoft Teams synchronous class recordings missed due to an excused absence. Work missed due to absences must be submitted into the Canvas platform within the same number of days as the absence which was excused. (Being out two days means you have the two following days to return all missed work to the teacher.) Family trips will not be considered an excused absence. 

    Tardiness to live synchronous classes: On time arrival to synchronous class is the responsibility of the parent(s) and student. Oversleeping is not a legitimate excuse for tardiness. An excused tardy would be due to illness, medical appointments, and other legal excuses mentioned above. Parents are requested to email the child’s teacher when tardy. If a student is tardy to class, it will be noted in Infinite Campus. Students with excessive, unexcused tardies will be referred to the school administration and social worker.

    Early dismissal from live synchronous classes: If a student needs to leave school before normal dismissal time, an email from the parent or guardian requesting early dismissal should be communicated on the morning of the requested early dismissal.